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Posted : admin On 11/13/2021
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iBoot Web Power Switch

Pays for itself with the first service call saved!

Don’t let the cost of downtime keep you from meeting your service and revenue expectations. One reboot via web, cloud or automation and you are back up and running. Keep your critical systems operational without expensive service calls. Use low-cost remote power control to automatically reboot failed devices and get up and running in the most cost effective way possible.

iBoot, the network power switch, will save you time and money by reducing costly downtime. Just point your browser to the iBoot, login and you are one click away from bringing that failed system back to life. iBoot will even detect failed systems and take immediate action.

. iBoot called. iBoot 3.3.0. iBoot Haswell 1.0.1. iBoot Ivy Bridge 1.1.0. iBoot Legacy 2.7.2 Requirements for iBoot software. Desktop PC or Laptop with Intel processor (Core i3, i5, i7, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo, Intel PIV processors are successfully tested with iBoot). Bank CD / DVD to burn iBoot and MultiBeast.

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Discover your Cost of Downtime and how fast your ROI on iBoot will be

Top Features

IBoot Install Mac OS X together with MultiBeast method and that works on all Laptop and Desktop models operated with the Intel processors. That includes Core i3, i5, i7 and at the same time with older CoreDuo, Core2Duo, and Pentium 4 also. Download Multibeast from tonymacx86 (you need to make an account on that site). There are three versions of Multibeast available- the Mountain Lion edition, Lion edition, and the Snow Leopard edition. Choose based on what version of Mac OS X your Hackintosh is currently running. IBoot by tonymacx86 is a Chameleon Boot132 CD specifically designed to work with Intel CPUs. It enables a simple disc swap-out for the Mac OS X Retail DVD, and a vanilla installation. Added features for most motherboards include audio, network, and graphics enabled by default out of the box, without altering the Vanilla install. Now you can install hackintosh on a PC with just the CD. I will show you how to install Mac OS X 10.6.3 step by step. Installing Snow Leopard.

Web Power Switch

Point – Click – Reboot

Iboot 2.6 multibeast 3.0.3 download

iBoot-G2 Status Page

Clean web page design makes it easy to see the status and control power to any outlet. History log shows the last 5 events.

Adaptive mobile pages make it easy to make that quick reboot from you smartphone while on the go.

iBoot Cloud Service

Single Sign-On for iBoots Worldwide

Video:iBoot Cloud Service

iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) allows customers to access and control multiple power switches in multiple locations from a single portal with a single sign-on.

Having one web interface for all remote locations will not only make using the remote power switches easier, by consolidating all units into one sign-on and interface, it will also enhance the number of situations where iBoot can be deployed.

  • Customers with Dynamic IP addressing to always be able to access their iBoot from any location.
  • Service providers manage multiple customer accounts with diverse security configurations
  • Customers that do not allow in-bound connections to access their iBoots.

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Automatic Downtime Reboot

The fastest way to get back on-line


iBoot automatically monitors and protects your network. AutoPing continuously tests your connectivity to the internet or to any device on your network. When the network is down, or the device stops functioning, iBoot reboots the failed system to get you back on-line fast.

For servers, the Heartbeat service generates a “I’M OK” message from your server to iBoot. When that message disappears, iBoot will reboot the server, using Graceful Shutdown if possible prior to using power off to reboot the crashed system.


Iboot Multibeast

With iBoot’s real time scheduler, you can use regular reboots to insure a fresh start each day.
Power Up and Down equipment as needed to minimze energy consumption, heat and extend product life.
Turn off equipment automatically when not needed for security and access control.

UL Listed for Safety

Protect Your Users and Comply with OSHA

Dataprobe Remote Reboot products are UL Listed. This means they are tested by Underwriters Labratories and Certified to meet their exacting standards. It also means that the tests conducted are appropriate for the type of device under test. Only devices that are tested and pass all the tests conducted by UL can apply the UL label.

Dataprobe PDUs are listed under UL 60950-1, and as such are designed for stricter data center environments. Only UL 60950-1 insures that PDUs offer appropriate branch circuit protection.

Other companies use independent labs that test to UL standards. These may or may not be the appropriate safety standards. It is very easy to say tested to UL standards, but that might be for noise emissions or something other than fire safety. Some companies completely forgo safety testing!

Iboot + Multibeast

Built-in 10/100 Network Switch

Simplify Installation and Save a Router Port

Get the remote reboot you need without an unnecessary cable run to the wiring closet. With Model iBoot-G2S, the built-in 10/100 switch makes it easy to add the power of the web power switch to your existing installation. Perfect for digital signage, kiosks and telemetry systems in those hard to reach areas. Putting the iBoot in-line between the router and the server makes it easy to test both and reboot automatically.

Iboot+multibeast Iso Free Download

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