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MATWORX will not work with the 2000 IVS you will need a copy of matworx studio to load the LVP code in or put it in using the commands. Without an LVP code in the system you will not get the wireless to work at all. Wireless in the IVS was a lot more difficult than it is the newer systems.

Matworx studio is going away as of 3200 R6.2 software released a few weeks ago. Look for the recycled Matworx32 being called MatWorx v.6 in the states. It comes free with all new systems and does not require license/option disks anymore.


We aquired an NEC NEAX 2000 IVS r1920 WCS phone. I have all the wireless ID info but when I get the LVP code from NEC and try to load it with MATWORX I get.

Your best bet is to get an NEC Dealer in your area that is familiar with wireless to help you with this. 04/23/08 09:22 AM Re: NEC NEAX 2000 IVS r1920 WCS wireless Joined: Jan 2007 Posts: 29 Member Member Joined: Jan 2007 Posts: 29.

Matworx version 13 download

Nec Neax 2000 Ips

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Matworx Download
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Development / Other / MATWorX 13.0


MATWorX 13.0 Description

MATWorX Studio's host of tools and applications enable fast and easy programming of the PBX database. Range Programming allows the creation of multiple new stations, including associated key data, in just seconds.

MATWorX Studio's host of tools and applications enable fast and easy programming of the PBX database. Range Programming allows the creation of multiple new stations, including associated key data, in just seconds. Create command scripts with the MACH Script Editor and associate it with the NEC Scheduler to run at a scheduled time. Use the NEC Scheduler to schedule system back-ups. Key Data and other Add-In Templates can be created, shared and saved for future PBX programming. MATWorX Clipboard Applications also speed system installations and eliminate errors by importing data from one switch to a destination switch. The Quick Install Add-Ins utility offers step-by-step installations of your NEAX Communication Systems. List-up data in the PBX and create Reports for troubleshooting your database. These are among many other features that are offered by MATWorX Studio and its Enhanced Applications.

OS: Windows

NEC Corporation
Matworx 32 download

Nec Matworx Download

License Type:

Nec Matworx Download


Matworx 32 Download

26 January, 2012

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Matworx Version 13 Download

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