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Posted : admin On 12/6/2021

The Moog Factory in Asheville, NC has resumed production of the highly sought-after Moog 16 Channel Vocoder, an instrument which continuously analyzes the timbral characteristics of one sound (Program) and impresses these timbral characteristics upon a second signal (Carrier). Moog Siren vs Minitaur? SO the Minitaur is reallly designed to be pretty much as good of an analog bass as possible. Its not super versatile, but it has character, and it is a satisfying punch. The correct way to use the Minitaur Editor in Ableton is to launch an Editor FX (either AU or VST) on an audio track. On separate midi track, set the midi output to the minitaur’s midi port, sending notes and program changes on the midi track directly to the Minitaur. For this to work in Windows, the Minitaur midi driver must be installed. The Minitaur Plugin and Standalone Editor controls real time editing, preset library management, preset sharing, and host DAW integration. Powerful under-the-hood features are also easily accessed and controlled from this application. The Minitaur Editor can be run standalone or is compatible with DAWS running VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX formats.

The Minimoog ! one of the synth that had the biggest impact in history of synths.
This is a difficult task to emulate the moog sound with virtual synth, you have to take care of the electronic components and their characteristics.

Let’s start the dance :

1. MinimogueVA by Gunnar

Download and information : Gunnar archive site

Based on the Richard Brooks synthedit sources of “mogue”, this is a very nice VST emulation of the famous miniMoog synthesizer.
It’s a Synthedit creation : It works for Windows and 32 bit VST hosts.
You can also found a polyphonic version (MinimogueLuxus VST).
The three oscillators are here, and the filter does the job.
A simple arpeggiator is also a nice addition.


2. Model Mini by ElektroStudio

ModelMini VST

Info & download :

A free VST that can stand for the “best free VST recreation of a Moog synth” title.
Sounds good, works for Windows (32 bit).

3. Freemoog by Cyclik

download now ! =>

Created with Synthedit, it sounds different than the two previous VST synths, but it sounds good.
And that’s all we want. It’s free, and works in all 32 bit VST host under Windows.

4 RA Mowg by Chris Anderson

Minotaur moog vst drums

Moog Filter Vst


Emulation of a Minimoog model D. Created with synthedit. It’s not bad.

5. ASynth by Antti.

download and test it :

It’s not really a Minimoog emulation, but with its two oscillators and the filter set on “MINI” , it does “Moog-ish sounds”. The quality is superior. Don’t forget to check out the Taurus emulation on the same site too !
ASynth VST is donationware, and still one of the best VSTi.

6. Minimoog+ by Synthfellow

Synthfellow Minimoog+ VST

Info : archive & download

Moog Bass Vst

This is an oooold VST plugin created with Synthedit about 10 years ago.
It has some playing/retrigger bugs, some parameters are not well “calibrated” and the presets don’t do it justice.
But with some tweaking, it can do nice leads and bass !

7. Prodigious by Synthescience

direct download + info

A good synthedit creation, it’s inspired by the legendary miniMoog, and it adds some interesting features : chorus + delay. You can modulate the filter, and there’s an arpegiator!

Minotaur Moog Vst Plugin

Synth update turns bass synth into 'versatile baritone lead instrument'

Moog Music have updated their Minitaur synthesizer firmware to v2.2, and with it they have added some serious extra horsepower. In Moog’s explanatory video, below, it is claimed that the v2.2 firmware “greatly extends the sonic palette of the Minitaur” taking it from being a bass synthesizer to a “much more versatile baritone lead instrument with a lot of cool new sounds that it can make.”

Moog synthesizer vst

The new Minitaur v2.2 update expands this powerful analog bass synthesizer with a host of new performance elements and user requested features, including front-panel access to new LFO wave-shapes, oscillator hard-sync.

In addition, the Minitaur's new Librarian/Editor Software makes DAW integration seamless between your synthesizer and Mac or Windows machine, say Moog. The software, available as a standalone program and in VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats, has the ability to map incoming CV messages to various parameters on the Minitaur and these messages are also converted and sent out as MIDI data. This means you can also use the Minitaur as a three-channel CV-to-MIDI converter.

Moog Minitaur Vst Free Download

Finally, Moog have also announced that all new Minitaurs purchased from Authorized US Moog Dealers between August 10th 2017 & October 10th 2017 will ship with free wood side pieces, bringing the aesthetic more in line with the Sub 37 Tribute and Mother-32.

Minotaur Moog Vst Plugins

The Moog Minitaur is available now and costs $539.

Free Moog Vst